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How to Read a Box Score

During every NBA game, there are multiple people called statisticians sitting courtside keeping track of everything that happens on the court. Which player shot the ball? Was it a make or a miss? If it was a miss, which player collected the rebound?...

Basketball Dictionary

Three Ways to Score

In the game of basketball, points are scored anytime a player puts the ball through the basket. This can be done with a variety of shots – layups, slam dunks, jump shots, free throws, 3-pointers and more...

Basic/Traditional Stats vs. Advanced Stats

Since the NBA tipped off in 1946, statistics have been kept to track the game’s players and teams. Initially, the stats kept were very basic and included points scored, shots made and attempted, free throws made and attempted and fouls.

Mr. Triple-Double

The triple-double is a stat that highlights some of the best all-around players in the game of basketball. There are plenty of great scorers, plenty of great passers and plenty of great rebounders and defenders. But not many players can excel in all phases of the game at the same time.

What to Do When You Don’t Have the Ball

During a game there will be times when you will not have the ball. So what are you supposed to do? Think about your pet dog? No, silly. How about waving to your friends and family in the stands? No, don’t do that either!...

What To Do When You’re Not in the Game

Unfortunately, not everyone can be in the game at the same time. Just because you are not playing doesn’t mean you can’t participate. Next time you are watching from the bench, try out some of these things...

It’s Never Too Late to Learn a New Skill

There’s always room for improvement. Even once you master one skill, you should look to move on to the next part of your game for more practice. That’s how good players become great...