Interactive Court

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1 - Two of these lines on each side of the court, this indicates where the player will inbound the ball after a timeout to advance the ball.
2 - You will find the NBA logo at center court of every NBA arena, this is where the players check in to the game.
3 - NBA courts are 50‘ wide x 94’ long...if you put 56 courts side be side it would be 1 mile!
4 - Serious long distance call.. NBA 3-point line is 23’9” from the center of the basket, but only 22’ on the sides. The line is different for college and international play...most youth lines are at 19’9” or the top of the key.
5 - Bigger players, bigger lane. The NBA lane is 16’ wide, amateur lanes are 12’. Those lines on the side indicate where you stand when a player is shooting foul shots.
6 - This is the mid-court line... the three point rule applies if you have the ball! Once both feet and the ball cross this line, you can’t cross back other wise it’s “over and back” violation.
7 - The key, the paint, the lane... whatever you call it, this is what you defend!
8 - This is where it all starts! The players jumping the tip have to have one foot in the 2’ radius, the other players stand outside the 6’ radius.
9 - DEFENSE! DEFENSE! This is the restricted area, 4’ from the basket. Players have to be outside of this to take a charge from the offensive player.
10 - The basket is 18” wide... you can fit two regulation basketballs side by side through the basket!
11 - Free throw line is 19’ from the baseline, 15’ from the backboard. Easy right? The pros make more than 7 out of every 10 attempts.
12 - NBA backboards are 6’ wide x 3.5’ high but backboards come in many shapes and sizes, the constant is the square above the rim that is always 24”x18”...hit the square and it’s probably going in (don’t forget to call “glass”!).
13 - NBA courts are made from Maple wood
14 - Squeak? The rubber from your sneakers squeaks on the floor because the floor is coated with a hi-gloss coating of polyurethane.
15 - The 3-point line is shorter in the corner but there is only 3’ between the line and out of bounds.
16 - Every line on an NBA court is 2” wide