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Congratulations To Our Jr. NBA Singapore All-Stars!

The Jr. NBA National Training Camp in Singapore was 3 days of action, drive and passion filled with dribbles, shoots, skills and drills along with a great learning experience with former NBA player Rod Strickland.

Some very talented players experienced training with Rod, where he shared his experience as an NBA player and he motivated as well as inspired participants on the first and second day of camp. 

Coach Carlos of the Jr. NBA told the participants that it was okay if they were not selected as they all showed pride, passion and belief in their play. 

The wrap up of the training camp saw 8 selected boys and girls chosen to join the NBA Experience in Shanghai with other selected Jr. NBA All-Stars from across the region.

The selected Jr. NBA All-Stars had exemplified the Jr. NBA core S.T.A.R. values, which stood for Sportsmanship, Teamwork, a positive Attitude, and Respect.

On the final day, the former Washington Wizards player also presented the awards for the camp MVP’s along with other awards. 

Girls Roster:

1. Alicia Vui Nguyen

2. Haley Wright

3. Halisha I Nur D/O Noor Hassan

4. Jovita Lee Jia En

5. Lim Lek Kar

6. Reah Ysabella Serrano

7. Sage Wu

8. Tanya Tan

Boys Roster:

1. Daniel Joshea

2. Goh Xuan Yu

3. Joachim Teoh

4. Li Siyi

5. Muhammad Afiq

6. Muhammad Nur Hafiz

7. Tan Wei Yang

8. Thu Htet Oo

And the following award recipients!

1. Hustle Award (Girls) - Sage Wu

2. Hustle Award (Boys) - Muhammad Afiq

3. Rising S.T.A.R. Award (Girls) - Tan Enqi Kerine

4. Rising S.T.A.R. Award (Boys) - Catiter Kyran Isaac Suetos

5.Sportsmanship Award (Girls) - Tanya Tan

6. Sortsmanship Award (Boys) - Joachim Teoh

7. Tp 20 Girls Game MVP Award - Halisha I Nur D/O Noor Hassan

8. Top 20 Boys Game MVP Award - Tan Wei Yang

9. National Training Camp MVP Girls Award - Jovita Lee Jia En

10. National Training Camp MVP Boys - Thu Htet Oo & Muhammad Nur Hafiz