Drink Move Be Strong

Hey Mum and Dad!

Shooting hoops may be great fun for the kids, but it’s also part of their overall physical development and continued health. That’s why, based on what we’ve discovered from a comprehensive study, we’ve formulated a program to help your kids unlock their bodies and minds’ full potential.


The Important Questions

“Is my child active enough?” or “How do I know if my child is eating right or getting enough nutrition?” – these are the kind of questions that any concerned parent asks. FrieslandCampina has been asking them too. After all, your child’s future, both mentally and physically, is dependent on their early years.


What We’ve Discovered: The Nutritional Deficiencies

Change must come in the form of action – but for your child to fully develop their growing body’s true potential, you need to ensure that they get all the nutrition they need. And that’s why the Southeast Asian Nutrition Surveys (SEANUTS) was conducted – to better understand the nutritional wellbeing, needs and patterns of children in Southeast Asia.


One of the most comprehensive studies of its kind, SEANUTS surveyed 16,744 children aged 6 months to 12 years in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. The survey highlighted malnutrition, noting that there is a rising prevalence of unhealthy weight amongst kids, as well as the persistence of under-nutrition, together with insufficiencies in Vitamin D levels and low intakes of calcium and other micronutrients.



The Key Findings of SEANUTS

The study helped identify imperatives in enhancing health and nutrition, chiefly the following:


  • • Under-nutrition is still widely prevalent and there is a growing number of children who are at an unhealthy weight

  • • Nearly 30-40% of children are not getting enough of the right nutrition, regardless of age, location or income

  • • Large numbers of children are not active enough and have insufficient levels of Vitamin D, despite plenty of sunlight in their countries.

FrieslandCampina is focused on improving the health of children and educating mums, thanks to a program from Jr. NBA and presented by Frisian Flag.


This initiative encourages children to enjoy at least one glass of milk and one hour in the sun every day, for a brighter future – Drink Move Be Strong.


Let’s see how this helps your child –


Milk contains the essential nutrients that can support your child’s healthy growth and development. By encouraging your kids to drink a glass of milk every day, we can teach them about the goodness of milk and inspire them to pi*ck up good and regular nutritional habits.


Partnering with Jr. NBA, this nation-wide program encourages children across all ages to lead an active and healthy lifestyle, while getting enough Vitamin D through regular exercise, play and outdoor activities. And this was where a truly strong partnership was formed.


The basketball camps by Jr. NBA and presented by Frisian Flag have proven to be so popular that its appeal for children has generated a great number of participants! The camps encourage a healthy diet, exercise and play, while teaching your child how proper nutrition can help improve their overall wellbeing.

Your kids will also learn all the skills that they need to be the next NBA superstars – all while getting enough physical activity every day.


Drink Move Be Strong, to support your child’s bright future.