S.T.A.R. Values

S.T.A.R. Values

S.T.A.R. Values

The core values of Jr. NBA – life skills that impact both sport and everyday life.


  • Encourage competition, but be a good sport.
  • Fairness: Treat all players fairly but adapt your style to individual personalities.


  • Stress the importance of working together.
  • Be responsible. Be accountable and hold others accountable.
  • Being part of a team means showing commitment.

Positive Attitude

  • It is a game so keep it fun!
  • The three E's - Encouragement, Energy and Enthusiasm - are essential
  • Be patient!  Learing the game takes time.  Athletes may be at different skill levels.


  • Respect the game.  Respect the rules.  Respect others.
  • Be an ambassador of the game.
  • Be considerate and demand the same from your peers.